Swenn Toury

Filmmaker & Editor

Trilingual art lover and filmmaker, Swenn is giving people an opportunity for something better. One video at a time.

Born in Brazil, Swenn saw first-hand the effects of living in a country where people were deprived of doing and achieving what they wanted out of life. Swenn understood that cryptocurrency and blockchain are about so much more than just money and so she decided to join Bitstocks with the ethos that, if we as a people can do something to give other people a better opportunity, we should just do it.

As a child, she wanted to be a vet but was always creative and had a real passion for photography and filmmaking from a young age. Swenn is thrilled by the emotional impact that images can have on people: “For me creating videos is my way to show my creativity and to share with other people.” By 12 she was editing homemade videos, and by 15 she was developing her skills to become a filmmaker. Two years later, Swenn was in France studying her craft, which helped her land her first job at a marketing company in Switzerland. More recently, she moved to London to turn her passion into a career and her path crossed with Bitstocks.


Swenn is an adventurous student of the world. When she isn’t behind the lens of a camera, she is learning various other arts. With a passion for art and music, she spends her free time teaching herself new instruments, travelling to new places and juggling Diabolos. All while eating a bowl of Lasagne (True-ish story).