Richard St. Catherine

Animation & Design

Masterful animator by day and an avid gamer by night, Richard is the epitome of a typical Bitstocks member!

Having studied Animation at University backed up with many Art and Design courses, it would be hard for Richard to imagine wanting to do anything else. And yet, like a lot of Art students, finding an in-house job after graduation was a gruelling process and mostly unsuccessful, resulting in a lot of "free"-lance work.

Thankfully for us, CEO, Michael Hudson spotted his talent and brought him into the Bitstocks fold. 


Known for his daily pursuit of something other than 'Spag Bowl' to have for lunch, and likely fuelled by the sugar from his daily 'apricot pastries' or doughnut obsession, Richard brings his unique, creative and imaginative ideas to life in our content. 


In his free time, Richard plays video games, watches anime and spends time with his girlfriend. Ever so quick to ensure we know that's in reverse order, of course!