Nicola Shillingford

Head of Marketing

Multi-talented, deeply-driven and fiercely dedicated to work that contributes to the greater good of humankind, Nicola is right at home as Bitstocks’ Head of Marketing.

“I wanted to be a doctor until I realised how flawed the educational system is and couldn’t bring myself to support a corrupted system. I decided to work in a field that sheds light on how things are really run.”

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Opting for a BSc in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience) in the end, allowed Nicola to sharpen her innate understanding, compassion and empathy for individuals and their behaviour. Key skills in the marketing realm! 


Supported by her team of multidisciplinary marketers, and working closely with the Design and Media teams to bring the marketing strategy and concepts to life, the effervescent Nicola is seldom found without a creative idea or ten (or her daily fix of ‘sugary treats’)! Combine this with her analytical acumen, data-driven approach and ‘let’s get sh*t done’ attitude, and you have the makings of a successful marketing leader.


Growing up as the youngest, and only female, sibling in the Shillingford household, it’s no wonder that Nicola takes a firm stand on the quest for equality and upliftment (we jest, a bit), exactly what Bitstocks aims to deliver by harnessing the power of bitcoin technology in building the bank of the future. She finds the family-orientated value system another appealing aspect of Bitstocks life, where people are appreciated as individuals and encouraged to reach their fullest potential. 


Nicola’s curious mind and growth-driven personality have evolved into a diverse range of hobbies. She loves to read, mainly about consciousness, spirituality, ancient teachings and history and secret societies. Among her personal projects, she includes speaking to people from all different backgrounds and cultures and taking in all the lives that make us one collective of different stories. She’s also a keen photographer and self-recorded songbird of soul. 


When it’s time to revitalise, she spends time alone, with family and close friends, making music, going for walks and falling asleep to a soothing soundtrack.