Lara Port

Careers & Wellbeing

Los Angeles loving Lara, asked the universe to send her a job that was right for her and within ten minutes a vacancy at Bitstocks came her way. A stroke of serendipity in her book!

Also known as La, Lala and Flora, bubbly Lara started working in the property industry when she left school at 17, until she joined the Bitstocks team. Seeking a greater sense of purpose in her job, she shares the company’s vision and has found a sense of fulfillment, her positive energy - and somewhat questionable, but endearing dance ‘breakouts’ - mirroring her ‘happy soul’ in her role at Bitstocks.

Growing in spiritual awareness is one of Lara’s primary values, and expanding her knowledge about the universe, another. No wonder her hobbies include reading, meditating every morning, spending time with friends and family, walks in nature, and attending courses.  Having just completed a beginners course on Speaking to Spirit, she’s enrolled to attend Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique training while also completing a Reiki healing course.

Always happy, helpful and empathetic - Lara is perfectly suited to her role of overseeing Careers and Wellbeing for Bitstocks.