James Coughlan

Relationship Manager

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.”

For James, life started in North London where times were rather tough. But as his father's success grew, so did his aspirations. The Coughlan family moved to Hertfordshire when James was ten years old. He was sent to a boarding school which provided him with a great education and connected him to a wide network of people in the finance sector, which ended up sparking his interest in Bitcoin.

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Before joining Bitstocks, James worked within a thriving family business, giving him the opportunity to travel the world for business. It was also through this work he became aware of his passion for the finance sector. At first, he worked in the Gold industry, where James noticed the many similarities between the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the gold sector. "I quickly realised that the future was Crypto and that I needed to align my career with this incredible asset class," he explains.  


Although he's one of the few people who can say they bought BTC at under £650.00 a coin, James is not in the industry for short term gains but the long term view: to make a change to the way individuals interact with money. "I work for Bitstocks because I want to help give investors and individuals the opportunity to understand a new form of technology. This is my personal goal, and it's completely aligned with the Bitstocks mantra of bringing financial sovereignty to the masses," he declares.


Should you run into James, you'd better not bet against him. His track record with Bitstocks motor races (always winning by at least half a lap) indicates his level of competitiveness. "I hate losing," he warns, "so I make sure I never do!"