Elia Yousif


Technically orientated, with a passion for fast cars, gadgets and games - Yeah, Elia fits right in!

Elia prides himself in being one of the very first Bitcoin adopters. Having come across Bitcoin in 2010 while studying Computer Science at the University of Plymouth, he steered a course into financial system development for banks and investment firms. Though he was working in the traditional financial sector, he found himself obsessed with Bitcoin’s economic model.

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“I was convinced off the bat. My first thought was, how do I mine it?” At the time, bitcoin did not have a price feed, and it was only traded and sent on forums. Elia remembers signing up to Bitcoin Talk Forum to read all of Satoshi’s posts. It was early 2010, and Satoshi was still actively posting. “I wanted to get ‘in’ on Bitcoin, so I had to choose between buying 35,000 bitcoin and buying the best graphics card available to try and mine bitcoin myself. I chose the latter, and the rest is history…”


Working for Bitstocks has given him the chance to work for a company that embraces the changes in the world of finance - and aims to be an early adopter of technologies that can have a meaningful impact on the world.


When he’s not managing Bitstocks financial matters, Elia spends his time gaming, playing football, travelling the world, nurturing his spirituality, and generally preoccupied with Bitcoin. 


Being part of Bitstocks since the early days and seeing how we have grown is one of his proudest accomplishments. Missing the chance to buy 35k BTC for a total of £700 perhaps less so...