David Arakelian


Multilingual coding master, and doting Dad, David, found Bitcoin after surviving the stresses and pressures of not one, but two periods of hyperinflation during his childhood in Armenia and Bulgaria.

Though his match with IT was love at first sight, his childhood dream was to become a basketball player. He spent days and nights collecting everything and anything related to the NBA and even took basketball lessons.

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Nowadays, while his position as CTO at Bitstocks leaves him with little in the way of free time, when he can step away, as a supercar fanatic, he typically swaps out his keyboard for a dashboard and some time behind the wheel of a beast. 


David’s expansive and comprehensive understanding of the nature of Bitcoin architecture and super programming capabilities are rare talents, and we’re fortunate to have him within our fold, ensuring that our technology remains top-notch and iron-clad.


Fair warning: It's generally not a great idea to take a bet with this regular wager on anything from bitcoin price points to football scores!