Damien Hartley-Swan

Head of Design & Brand

Bristol born Damien gave up the contract life to join the Bitstocks mission as “The Painter“.

Born and raised in Bristol, Damien had a passion for art at a young age, sketching frequently but it was never more than a hobby and definitely not a career choice. With childhood dreams of being a surgeon, the realisation of having to cut a human being swiftly changed his focus to his most loved Hobby; design.

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Damien moved to London to study his craft at Brunel University before accidentally stumbling into Web Design thinking it was a graphic design job and fortunately he has never looked back. Driven by creating enjoyable user experiences for people Damien left full-time employment and became a contractor to continue creating experiences where he found and joined Bitstocks and their mission as “The Painter“, despite being colourblind.


Damien can often be heard having loud, passionate conversations in the Bitstocks office about anything and everything. In his spare time, along with many others in the Bitstocks office, Damien likes to play Playstation, watch anime and watch movies with his wife. He also takes the “occasional” trip to the gym.


"The man who says he can, and the man who says he can’t are both correct." - Confucius