Antonio Shillingford

Relationship Manager

Suave Antonio may come across as Mr. Self-Assured; laid-back and care-free, but a little digging reveals it’s not a result of having things ‘easy’.

Watching him present on stage or in front of cameras these days, often discussing controversial topics with confidence and conviction, you’d find it hard to believe that public speaking was, not so long ago, one of Antonio’s greatest fears. An achievement testament to his determined nature to overcome challenges.

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Antonio grew up in Bounds Green, North London and went to Broomfield Secondary School in Arnos Grove. At the age of 12 he started building computers and at 19, started working in finance where he managed clients and sales in gold.


It was his desire to become a rally or F1 driver that motivated him to get into finance (because … money), but it’s his passion for Bitcoin that’s made him stay. Even as a child, Ant researched the monetary system and came to see how it’s designed to benefit a small group at the expense of the masses. “Every day we see how Bitcoin is challenging the status quo of the existing financial system, and in doing so, changing lives and enabling many to achieve dreams they may not have thought possible before,” he states passionately.


Antonio is inspired to achieve financial freedom for himself and others. Once he’s achieved he has spare cash, he plans to invest in his other passion projects; research, travelling, cars and driving, and family and friends.