Anish Patel

Chief Compliance Officer

“He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” - Thomas Carlyle

Born Asian, baptised Greek (at 33!) Anish’s quick wit and striking sense of humour belies his solid moral compass that steered him to a career in Compliance, but not before a stint in the medical field.

His childhood dreams of being a dentist were dashed when he realised - in a secondary school biology class - the sight of blood had dire physical implications, and had to adjust his ambitions according. A safer route of Osteopathy provided a great sense of accomplishment before the desire for the ‘City Life’ eventually brought him to financial compliance. And while these professions may seem miles apart, the golden thread is Anish’s strong sense of social responsibility and deep-seated passion to contribute to the ‘greater good’.  


Ethical integrity is a key requirement for his position at Bitstocks, but his contribution to the team is much broader - combining an unwavering positive attitude with his quirky sense of humour and broad range of impersonations to ease tensions (literally and figuratively), Anish brings roars of laughter to the team on a regular basis.


Anish’s profile wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention his obsession with chips …. In fact, his ‘lottery win plan’ is to be able to bathe in a bath of chips! Keep the dream alive, Anish, keep the dream alive.