Getting into Gear for Stack Fest - Louise Holland - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 54

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) is joined by Louise Holland, creator of Stack Fest - a hot new eSports festival coming to Here East in London this September.


Louise and Michael share a passion and background in gaming and eSports; Michael as a gamer (Counter-Strike 1.4 anyone?!) and Louise in the event industry, having worked on large-scale eSports expo’s, such as E3. The two dive into what we can expect from the upcoming Stack Fest festival and what makes it so unique within the landscape of gaming festivals. They explore the natural progression to integrate more technological advances, including NFTs, into gaming and other more traditional sports, such as horse racing.


How underlying blockchain technology affects the user experience in gaming and tech is also a hot topic in this episode, with the conversation touching on how the current pandemic has impacted and influenced the way that Bitstocks’ are building Gravity.


*And don’t forget you’ve got until midnight on Tuesday 31st August to enter our competition to win a pair of tickets for either Day 1 or Day 2 of Stack Fest.


Quick Reference:

01:26 - Louise introduces herself & Holland Alexander events company

03:45 - How Stack Fest’s unique set-up makes it a new kind of eSports festival 

07:00 - Shortening the gap between pro and hobbyist to make eSports accessible

09:00 - Michael's own childhood gaming experience, starting way back with CounterStrike 1.4!

10:29 - How the pandemic has facilitated and impacted the rise of eSports

12:00 - What Louise is most excited about in the future of the eSports industry

13:15 - Changing generational attitudes about gaming & how it’s a viable career path of the future

16:55 - Technology and gaming as a way to innovate all industries, including high-end brands

18:40 - Louise’s passion project to integrate NFTs into horse-racing, and the slow acceptance of new technology within the traditional world of horse racing

22:50 - NFTs as the way cryptocurrency breaks through to mainstream acceptance

23:25 - Prioritising the user experience within the crypto-sphere

26:36 - Avoiding data silos to bring about the metanet world of ‘Ready Player One’

29:55 - Using NFT’s to build more engaging communities online

33:28 - Economic impacts of the current pandemic & the move towards a cashless society

38:10 - Connecting in the Gravity ecosystem - how micropayments will become indispensable

41:35 - Harmonising the relationship between time and human production to empower humanity

43:15 - A sneak peek into what Micahel will be discussing during his industry presentation on Day 1 of Stack Fest

45:29 - A quick reminder of how you can win tickets to Stack Fest for you and a friend