Bitcoin’s First Commercial Miner?! - Roy Murphy - Bitstocks Podcast Ep.43 Pt. 1

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) talks with Roy Murphy, CEO of Veribit, a renowned Polymath, one of the earliest Bitcoin miners in the game & an expert distributing computation engineer, with experience in working with the army and top-level intelligence companies. 


Roy is arguably our most controversial podcast guest, after Craig Wright himself. It’s safe to say, the Bitcoin SV space is divided when it comes to the validity of Roy’s involvement in the earliest years of Bitcoin. Part 1 only scratches the surface of Roy’s story, as the two explore Roy’s early life & educational background, mining experience and how his Mining journey began.


Quick Reference:

00:04:16 - Roy introduces himself & explains how he got involved in Bitcoin, his history in distributional computing, how he went from being a recluse to a party animal & how he ended up mining in Cyprus.  

00:23:42 - Michael takes it back to the beginning - asking Roy why he completed the Mensa at age 12, which leads Roy to open up about his Grandfather and the continuous impact he has had on his life. 

00:31:45 - Michael asks Roy about the innate elements of his work - questioning him about the period where Roy started to internalise his technological knowledge & connect it to religion, history, DNA, the mind, biology, & the general exploration of inner space.

00:49:25 - Roy expresses his opinions on Craig Wright’s statement “Bitcoin is a biologically inspired network” & briefly touches on his understanding of Quantum physics. 

01:05:00 - The pair discuss the notion of ‘zero fees’ - Do zero fees undermine the economic incentives of Bitcoin or are they necessary jolts to spur density on-chain?