More Than a Token(ized) Gesture - James Belding - Bitstocks Podcast Ep.44

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) sits down with James Belding, Founder & CEO Tokenized, an open-source token and smart contract system for the Bitcoin SV network. 


James’ interest in “cybercash” started while in his teens and resurfaced around 2013 when Bitcoin began to get mainstream attention. Biding his time, though, he wanted to see how it would play out from a legal and regulatory standpoint. 


With a technical background, this ex-electrical engineer claims that, whilst he enjoyed his previous job, Bitcoin “had his heart”. In 2018, the scaling debate disaster was the final push he needed to quit his job and actively contribute to the Bitcoin space. 


Smart contracts and tokenisation were of particular interest to him, seeing the massive value they could have to a wide range of businesses and institutions. Still, he couldn’t find anyone doing anything worthwhile with the potential of the protocol. And so, James and a small team set out to do it themselves, knocking out a proof-of-concept in record time & winning the 2019 CoinGeek Tokenisation Contest, pushing the business forward. 


James and Michael enjoy a lively chat around the development of Tokenized and James’ approach to building a solution that has considerations for legal and regulatory parameters baked into its design.  


The passion of both James & Michael is palpable as they share their excitement about the strides being made to bring Bitcoin mainstream with “plumbers” and “builders” working together to champion humanity.


Quick Reference:

00:02:05 - Introducing James Belding, Founder & CEO of Tokenized 

00:03:20 - 2017/2018 Scaling Debate disaster - James instantly knew whose side he was on! 

00:05:47 - The technical, non-technical businessman on determining viability & value, winning CoinGeek’s tokenisation challenge, & the birth of Tokenized 

00:10:09 - Property Rights at the heart of Bitcoin & working with Regulators 

00:11:33 - Challenges of building a multi-jurisdiction friendly tool - without pissing off too many people! 

00:18:02 - Presenting the “Why BSV” argument: passionate builders vs dead-end projects 

00:20:35 - How does Tokenized combat competition for tokenisation solutions? 

00:23:23 - James offers a technical “under-the-hood” explanation of Tokenized (compared to other providers) 

00:25:28 - The trouble with “Coloured Coins” and the Satoshi Precision conundrum 

00:30:27 - What the TAAL Zero-Fees business model means for economic incentive and potentially zero-token transactions

00:33:17 - Smart Contracts explained 

00:40:23 - Michael’s real-life scenario for Smart Contracts 

00:44:28 - Could NFTs be a solution for Samsung’s IP Problem? 

00:49:19 - James on controversy & conviction in the BSV space 

00:52:19 - Looking ahead for Tokenized & what’s exciting James & Michael about the bright future of BSV