The Challenges of Building on Bitcoin - Robin Kohze - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 41

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) talks with Robin Kohze, Co-Founder and CEO Vaionex Corporation and the President of Cambridge University Metanet Society.


In this podcast, Robin and Michael discuss how Robin was introduced to Bitcoin when trying to solve problems in one of his early startups, the work that Robin is currently doing with his company, the relationship between Machine Learning and Bitcoin and the challenges of building applications in the BSV space.


The pair also discussed what needs to change within the BSV community to maximise its output, ensuring that more developers enter the space and build on the true Bitcoin protocol.


You can find out more about the work that Robin is doing at Vaionex by visiting


Quick Reference:

00:01:20 - Robin Kohze introduction 

00:05:33 - How did Robin discover Bitcoin?

00:07:25 - Robin’s journey of navigating different blockchains and why he chose Bitcoin SV

00:09:25 - Relationship between Machine Learning and Bitcoin

00:14:55 - The mission of Robin’s businesses and what is the Metanet Society

00:17:25 - What is Metanet?

00:19:43 - Tokens and NFTs

00:23:55 - Current NFT platform and its problems

00:31:01 - Technocracy in Bitcoin and how to avoid it

00:34:12 - Process of building in the BSV space

00:36:40 - Origins of the RUN framework

00:40:55 - More about Vaionex and the services they provide

00:53:20 - Robin on growing his company and the challenges that come with it

00:55:35 - Creating value and pricing your services in the Bitcoin SV space

00:58:00 - Robin on collaboration with the University of Exeter

00:59:50 - What do Michael’s Coingeek presentations mean?

01:02:00 - The meaning behind “The Square and the Circle” 

01:03:30 - Branding issues of Bitcoin SV

01:05:20 - Discussing Craig Wright and his interview with Michael

01:06:40 - Discussing the Timechain concept

01:08:14 - Why we need to focus on building instead of arguing concepts

01:09:50 - Bitcoin SV as “plumbing” for platforms

01:12:10 - The future of BSV

01:18:23 - Bitcoin as a mirror

01:19:15 - Politics, Government, and Bitcoin