Bitcoin Education: BTC - the Sh*t Plumber - Edmund McCormack - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 47

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) sits down with Edmund McCormack, CEO-Founder of Dchained, a community-focused educational platform aimed to help everyday investors get started in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies. 


Edmund deviates from our usual BSV-centred guests and although he acknowledges Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) as just that, Satoshi’s vision, he believes that commercialisation in today’s world has excelled more highly speculative assets like Bitcoin Core & cryptocurrencies. Despite their different perspectives on Bitcoin, Michael & Edmund find common ground on the importance of education & complying with the law. 


At Bitstocks, we strongly focus on the utility of Bitcoin technology and how it can purify the global financial system. Michael explains why Bitcoin Core’s technology just fundamentally doesn’t work as it can not facilitate enough transactions for today's world population, but BSV can. This is why when it comes to business adopting the technology, it’s a no brainer that BSV can provide the best technological infrastructure.  Michael & Edmund’s diplomatic approach to what could have been a challenging conversation makes for a good indication that there is hope to bring more unity to the wider Bitcoin & cryptocurrency industry.


Quick Reference:

1:40 -  Introducing Edmund McCormack and his company, Dchained. 

9:04 -  Recent Bitcoin Bullrun 

10:27 - Educating retail investors at Dchained 

14:00 - What is Bitcoin? 

21:00 - Utility of Bitcoin technology - why BTC doesn't work 

30:01 - BSV is Bitcoin 

33:55 - The importance of regulation in the Crypto Space 

36:24 - Bitcoin’s relationship with the law 

42:17 - Bitstocks Gravity - the first verifiably solvent bank 

47:25 - Michael asks Edmund’s opinion on BSV