Is There a Branding Crisis in Bitcoin? - Eli Afram - Bitstocks Podcast Ep.52

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) sits down with Eli Afram of Bitcoin Association Australia, contributor to & CTO of Layer2 Technologies. Eli has been a professional in the Bitcoin space since 2015 and an advocate of using this technology for the greater good of humanity. 


Michael & Eli open the podcast by discussing a crucial limitation for mainstream adoption in Bitcoin SV - its branding crisis. This sets the tone of the conversation, making it clear that they align in their goals for the future of this blockchain to provide an invisible ‘plumbing’ system that can be used to improve business infrastructure, without the customer even knowing that they’re using Bitcoin technology. Other topics include the recent double-spend attacks on BSV, why Blockchain is a ‘Time-Chain’ & Eli goes into detail about his work with Amleh Gold -  a blockchain-based Gold token project. 


Quick Reference:

1:00 - An Introduction: Eli Afram 

3:40 - The branding crisis in Bitcoin 

12:05 - “Bitcoin is reinventing the internet” 

13:30 - Should BSV consider a rebrand? 

17:15 - The recent double-spend attacks on BSV

20:15 - Law fatigue in the space 

23:50 - Elon Musk is a genius marketer 

26:20 - Eli Afram explains when he became a professional in the space 

29:05 - Bitcoin SV as an invisible plumbing system 

34:35 - Why the Blockchain is a Time-Chain 

39:50 - Eli explains more about his project Amleh Gold

46:21 - Is there a significant moment in Bitcoin’s history that could’ve been done differently? 

52:15 - New heights with BSV t