Bitcoin: Re-emerging Atlantean Times & Cosmic Memory - George Samuels - Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 42

In today’s #ConsciousConversations on the Bitstocks Podcast, Michael Hudson (Bitstocks CEO-Founder) talks with George Samuels, Managing Director of Faia, Founder of Hona & the Bitcoin SV Tuvalu project. 


This isn’t the first time Michael & George have come together on the Bitstocks Podcast, and their conversations are always enlightening & intriguing. The two clearly connect on a personal level & share similar values when it comes to the relationship between technology & humanity. In today’s conversation, George begins by explaining more about Hona, an accountability app that helps users honour commitments, achieve goals & build reputation. As they talk more about culture, community and its relationship with technology in the world we know it today, the conversation naturally edges towards a much deeper understanding of this relationship - one that allows us to reflect at a cosmic level. 


The two reflect on today’s times & how it relates to previous astrological events, such as Atlantis & the Akashic records. 


George wraps up by explaining more about his work in Tuvalu & his motivations behind the project. You can read the article that started it all by visiting A 5-Point Plan To Future-Proof Tuvalu "The Sinking Nation" -  

Quick Reference:

00:02:35 - George explains the ethos behind Hona 

00:06:31 - George talks about Faia & its aim to bridge technology & communities 

00:09:30 - More about Hona 

00:11:38 - The difference between BSV & BTC explained in a plumbing & housing analogy

00:14:25 - Cancel culture & its feedback loop between corporations & communities 

00:25:35 - What raises our collective vibration?

00:26:55 - The cosmic relationship of Good & Evil - on what scale?

00:29:43 - Re-emergence of Atlantian times 

00:50:55 - Bitcoin as Cosmic Memory

00:53 40 - George explains how the Tuvalu project came to be & his motivation behind it