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Share, introduce & earn, with Gravity Introducers

We’re bringing you a different kind of referral program, with real, tangible rewards when you introduce new customers to Gravity. Start building your financial sovereignty today.

When you create a Gravity account...
You’re already an Introducer!

When you create a Gravity account, you’ll automatically become an Introducer - with the option to share your unlimited, personal referral link with others. Anyone who signs up using your link will become a part of your network and you’ll receive 20% of the transaction fees anytime they trade on Gravity, for as long as you both have your Gravity accounts.

Yeah, you heard us, that could literally be for LIFE. We’re in it for the long haul, people - we want our community to thrive!

Introducer rewards are allocated from a fee split with Gravity, meaning there’s no knock-on effect to the people you introduce. We simply pay you 20% of your networks’ transaction fees in BSV, daily.

Personalised dashboard to track your network

And you can always check your personal Introducer dashboard to see where you’re at. The dashboard includes stats about your earnings, successful referrals, the number of clicks your link has had and your overall conversion rate.

So share your link, grow your network, and soon, we’ll all be consciously connected through Gravity.

Gravity Ambassadors: A Badge of Honour

Everyone can be an Introducer, but Gravity consciously chooses its Ambassadors.

Gravity Ambassadors are hand-selected individuals with active business networks who embody the Gravity mission to the fullest - entrepreneurs, dreamers, content creators, people who want to make a difference in the world through the power of bitcoin.

Being granted Ambassadors status means they receive 30% of the transaction fees of anyone they introduce and personalised marketing materials to help them promote Gravity. That’s as well as receiving sneak peeks of any new features and products we’ve got coming up! Lucky things.