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Gravity: the universal force of attraction between all matter

The demands of everyday life mean you don’t stop to think about a silent force that allows you to remain firmly on the chair you’re sitting on, right now, to read this. Yet, without it, you’d be floating around in the air.

What is Gravity?

Gravity is profound, yet invisible.
Gravity is magnitudinous but impacts even the smallest molecule.
Gravity is a fundamental force that connects us all, no matter where we are.
Whether we acknowledge it or not, it’s always there, in the background, allowing us to go about our daily lives and maintain the world as we know it around us.
The Gravity ecosystem aims to provide a similar experience.
Our company mission is to make the power of Bitcoin technology accessible to anyone and everyone - a first step on the road to changing the global financial landscape for the benefit of all.

You may think Gravity is relatively new to the scene, but our story starts way back in 2013 - in the very early days of what would become the crypto-industry. A chance meeting between CEO, Mike Hudson, and now CTO, David Arakelian, sparked both a lifelong bro-mance (aw!) and a shared realisation of the hugely disruptive potential of bitcoin technology.

So they joined forces to build a platform that offers everyone the chance to interact with bitcoin in the most secure way possible; with the ultimate end goal of tackling the ingrained problems with our current financial systems.

From there the complete concept for Gravity was born!


2017 - 2019
The foundations for Gravity are put in place

We build the technical system from the ground up, lovingly constructing each line of code!


August 2019
Private beta launch of Gravity

A select group get access to the first iteration of the newly-designed platform, for stress testing & feedback

February 2020
Public launch of Gravity & Gravity Introducers Programme

Gravity goes public live during our presentation at London’s CoinGeek

April 2020
Launch into Europe

We say ‘salut’, ‘hola’ and ‘salve’ to all our new customers in the EU

July 2020
Launch of Live Pricing

Giving our customers the insights they need to make strategic trading decisions

August 2020
Registered with the FCA as an EMD Agent of Modulr

That’s right, you can find us on their register under ref: 902839

September 2020
Launch of Price Alerts

Meaning customers can stay on top of the market, wherever they are

November 2020
Unlimited links on Gravity Introducers

Goodbye referral limits - the Introducers program goes limitless!

January 2021
Over £1m raised in public crowdfunding campaign

Gravity raises on Crowdcube & welcomes over 1,700 public investors

September 2021
Gravity iOS app launched

The long-awaited Gravity app is available for download on the App Store

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