We're always on the lookout for talented people...

Are you an open-minded, out-of-the-box thinker with bucketloads of enthusiasm and an incredible skillset? Join the Bitstocks family and contribute to our mission. 

At Bitstocks, we have a progressive perspective of the world and the issues that impact on human sovereignty and sustainability. With a shared goal of providing the tools and technology to aid a positive change, we pool our talents and skills to bring this about.

Send us your CV

Want to work for Bitstocks? Even if we're not currently advertising for a specific role, we're open to hearing from people who resonate with our mission and would like to be considered for a permanent position.


Be sure to include a cover letter that details your proposed role and why you are interested in working with us.

Why Work for Bitstocks

"Bitstocks is not just a company, it's a mission" - Michael Hudson, Founder and CEO 

Working for Bitstocks, you're not just another number. You're a part of a team. A family. A family committed and driven to use the best of our skills and talents to contribute to the collective goal of helping to reimagine, redefine and reengineer humanity and the world. Not only for our generation, but for the generations to come too. 



We Act with Integrity

We're open, honest and transparent in all we do. We value our personal and professional reputations and don't engage in behaviours that would risk either.

We're Inclusive and Diverse

We believe in an equal playing field and don't discriminate. We value different views, opinions and backgrounds and believe diversity brings about an opportunity for learning.

We Celebrate Achievements

We're proud of each other’s successes, milestones and accomplishments and honour and commemorate achievements, big or small.

We're Innovative and Determined

We pursue our goals with vigour. We question ‘traditional methods’ and seek to learn and create better solutions with a progressive approach.

We're Open-Minded and Curious

We're open to exploring new ideas, concepts or opinions, and seek information to broaden our knowledge, understanding and view of the world.

We Promote Health and Wellness

We understand that our success depends on the energy, intelligence, and contributions of all, and we encourage balance and development.